A Message From Us

We started our project realizing that children from Rohingya communities living around the city were being largely ignored; Many were out on the streets, vulnerable – none of them were attending school. The number of refugee children with no access to schools was disproportionate to the schooling opportunities available to them.

When we first started, we were no more than a floor space above a convenience store. Now, thanks to the kindness of people from across the world including the tireless efforts of our volunteers and staff, we have a 3-storey bungalow nestled that our kids can call school. Our story is one of hope, of how much good we can all accomplish when many willing hands come together.

We believe in a school for children who desperately need a different approach to learning, one that provides educational tools in a place where they can feel safe and wanted. Our school is one built around practical knowledge and fun learning experiences while cultivating strong social values and an all-round education.

We want our kids to have the same bright, colourful childhood memories we grew up with. Hence the name Rainbow of Love, inspired by our founder Jules Rahman Ong when he came across a rural school for stateless indigenous children in Borneo bearing the same name.

Badariah Abdul H
Deputy President
December 21, 2017