HASS started out as a collaboration between refugees and Malaysians to address an issue that has been largely ignored in Malaysia for decades; namely the mass displacement of the Rohingya people and other minority ethnic groups from Myanmar.

The core members of our team comprise of dedicated volunteers from different backgrounds, from experienced working professionals, to public defenders, to trained social workers. With the intention of creating one dedicated centre to coordinate aid and provide otherwise inaccessible services for refugee communities, we established the Human Aid Organisation and the Rainbow of Love Refugee School.

Our 2018 Team

Royal Patron - Y.M. Tengku Munazirah
President - Andrew Goh
Vice President - Badariah Abdul
Secretary General - Nurainie Haziqah
School Principal - Suhaiza Sulaiman
Teachers & Administration - Hanif, Mahpa, Nur Liyana Roslan, Haziq Rozhan
Community Leader - Rafik Shah
Accounts - Suraya Hanim
Media - Jules Rahman
Logistics - Leonard Chan
Advisors - Wan Ainul, Lee Chin Hock, Dennis Chan

Andrew Goh

Badariah Abdul H.
Vice President