Needs List For The Year

RAMADAN - IFTAR 2019 Needs (April-May'19)

Ramadan is a season of kindness, one of sharing and giving. Here at Human Aid, we continue a long serving tradition ongoing since 2015 - bringing sharing and giving to the community around us. Join us this year for breakfast, held every morning in May at our centre and come get to know our wonderful community.

1. Volunteers needed for TWO sessions:
Session 1: Preparation of food 9-12 noon
Session 2: Packing 3-5 pm
Every Day: Mon - Sun

2. Public Contributions
Raw food supplies eg. potatoes, dhal, chicken, beef etc
Groceries eg. milk, drink packets, water
Heavy duty new stove
Wall industrial fan (x2 units)
Vinyl flooring / carpet (for guests to sit on during Iftar)

Donations for Medical Assistance Fund

Human Aid is engaged throughout the year in a fundraising campaign to create a permanent fund that will assist refugees in medical bills for extreme cases of injury / illness.

Other Things We Could Really Use

1. Heavy Duty Stove for Kitchen

2. Industrial Wall Fans x2 units

3. Refurbished / unused laptops for IT class and online-based learning.

4. Heavy duty washing machine (02 units 14 KG) – For use at the Human Aid center.

5. Ovens (05 UNITS) for refugee community skills training.

6. Vinyl Flooring / Carpeting