What We Do


Garage Giveaway

Garage Giveaway is a monthly needs-based distribution programme for displaced low-income family groups.


Medical Aid

Together with non-profit medical care groups IMARET and IDAM we provide free medical check-ups!


Shelter Network

Human Aid helps facilitate temporary shelter services through our partner network for single mothers and their children

Social Goals

  • Bring care, education and public attention to the issue of marginalized stateless people living in Malaysia with the further aim of encouraging closer relations among all our diverse cultures.
  • Engage in the broader advocacy work of helping transform policies and services that affect displaced and stateless people on a national level.
  • Facilitate enabling environments such that refugees have legal and de facto access to decent work (eg. rights to livelihood, land ownership, freedom of mobility) and formal education opportunities supported/recognized by higher learning institutions.

Garage Giveaway

Garage Giveaway is a community distribution activity which gives back to the community it serves.

Once or twice a month, we assess the needs of our community and hand out food aid, household supplies, pre-loved items and other goods we receive. It's also an opportunity for everyone from different walks of life to interact and get to know each other! By speaking to and working closely with our community, we identify the most vulnerable members within each group to source for immediate needs. Meals are usually provided after our sessions.

Every contribution goes a long way towards ensuring that the people who need access to basic necessities will always have them. Come join us at our events and find out how we can transform communities together!

Garage Giveaway is open to the general public for volunteering on-site, CSR-related programs and catering/event sponsorship on

  • Alternate weekends, 10am – 2pm (kindly contact for further enquiries as dates are not fixed)
  • Closed on Public Holidays unless stated


Medical Aid

Humanitarian response is central to HASS’s mission to reduce poverty, recognizing disaster and war-incurred human migration as both cause and effect of poverty and injustice with humanitarian efforts an intrinsic part of our overall program approaches. We strategically respond to emergencies in four sectors of Emergency Medical Assistance, Livelihoods, Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and Refugee Assistance.

Each month our partners Islamic Medical Association of Malaysia Response and Relief Team (IMARET) provide free medical check-ups, psycho-social counselling, personal health screening and Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) talks at our centre. Their outreach program covers vulnerable groups in urban and rural areas including refugees and indigenous populations.

Islamic Dental Association Of Malaysia (IDAM) provides basic dental screening and oral hygiene education. Through both our partner NGOs, we are able to care for up to 300+ persons each month.

Together with our other external partners including Mercy Malaysia, AWAM, WAO, UNHCR, and many others we have been able to bring Sexual and Reproductive Health awareness, gender equality discussions, mental health awareness, art therapies and other health-related services to an otherwise unaware and largely disconnected community.

Through our Refugee Assistance Program, HASS provides direct relief to extreme cases of financially constrained undocumented families unable to cover medical or housing expenses, as well as development assistance in their communities while supporting neighbouring local host communities.

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