Rainbow of Love School

Rainbow of Love Informal School for Refugees (Sekolah Pelangi Kasih) is an informal school registered with the UNHCR. Our school serves refugee children, most of whom are from the Rohingya community from Myanmar, and is operated by Humanitarian Aid Selangor Society. Rainbow of Love School makes education available to refugee children who lack access public schools or basic education in Malaysia. The school currently provides daily lessons in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Arabic, mathematics, history, and Islamic studies. Our syllabus is geared towards providing practical and applicable skills and knowledge relative to the needs of our students and the circumstances of refugees living in the city.

Welfare and Humanitarian Support

Human Aid provides basic humanitarian relief to the most marginalized and unserserved refugee communities in the Selangor area. This aid includes food, clothing, temporary shelters, and medical care. A significant portion of Human Aid funds are dedicated to paying refugee medical bills.

Medical care is a crucial issue for refugees in Malaysia, who have no access to free or affordable medical care. Hospitals charge refugees full 'foreigner' fees, which, for example, exceed 3000RM (about $900 USD) for the birth of a child. Refugees often must go into exorbitant debt to release a loved one from the hospital. Please consider making a donation to Human Aid to help with the medical costs of refugees.

UNHCR External Referral Partner

As a recognized external referral partner, Human Aid works closely with the UNHCR to identify, assist, and intervene in situations where urgent protection for Persons of Concern (POCs) needs exist. We actively engaged with the refugee communities to identify individuals in need of expedited protection intervention and assistance.

Our Mission

Human Aid is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is 100% funded by public contributions and donations. We provide humanitarian support and services to the most marginalized and vulnerable groups in the society, especially Rohingya refugees.

We provide basic education, medical relief, food aid and skills training to impoverished families. This support is crucial for undocumented refugees who are denied access to these basic services.

We are advocating for the basic human rights and welfare of Rohingya refugees by raising awareness of their condition among the wider Malaysian public and international community.




A Message from the Vice President

December 21, 2017

“Displaced societies are of value. Their issues are our issues. And above all, the responsibilities of all children are our responsibilities as well.”

We set up our school realizing that children from the diaspora of Rohingya communities around the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur city had little access to learning centers and none to public schools, leaving them mostly trapped indoors all day for fear of kidnapping, or left to roam the streets, exposed to a myriad of other risks. The number of refugee children with no access to schools far outweighs the number of schooling opportunities available to them.

When we first started out, we were no more than a large floor space above a convenience store. Now, thanks to the kindness of people from all over the world including the tireless efforts of our volunteers and staff, we have a 3-storey building from which our school operates daily. Our story is one of hope, of how much good we can all accomplish when many willing hands come together.

We believe in a school that caters to children who urgently need quality education to lift them out of a cycle of poverty and disadvantage but whose families simply cannot afford it. Our vision of a school is one built around practical knowledge and fun learning experiences while imparting good social values; a school that protects and advocates for the rights of all refugees to learn and earn an education. We want our kids to have the same bright, colourful childhood memories we grew up with. Hence the name of our school, Rainbow of Love, inspired by our founder Jules Rahman Ong when he came across a school supporting stateless indigenous children in Borneo bearing a similar name.

Rainbow of Love was created to help address a child's right to education, and we hope to continue doing that and much more for children from all walks of life for many years to come. On behalf of everyone here, we invite you to be a part of our journey, a journey that we all share on many different colored paths, one that begins and ends with love.

Badariah Abdul H
Deputy President