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Our Mission

Human Aid is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides humanitarian services to the most vulnerable displaced communities living in Malaysia. We provide aid in the form of education, medical relief, food supplies and skills training for undocumented refugees who are denied access to these basic needs and rights.

Our work focuses on the welfare of the Rohingya people living in Kuala Lumpur. We believe in creating global awareness on the issues and challenges they face as stateless asylum seekers through different grassroots level projects we do together with the community.



What We Do

Human Aid provides basic humanitarian support to the most marginalized refugee groups living in hardship throughout Kuala Lumpur city.  We accomplish this by providing access to basic education for children below the age of 13 through our school, medical attention via partnerships with fellow local medical and dental ngos, and a needs-based food distribution programme. An estimated 10,000+ undocumented Rohingya refugees live in the greater Selayang area alone.

Human Aid also functions as part of a safe shelter network for neglected children, SGBV cases and single mothers. Our community centre serves as an important location for larger organisations such as UNHCR to engage with the community and acts as a meeting point for members of the community to get together eg. festivals, Parent Teacher Association meetings, focus groups within the community etc.



Rainbow of Love School

Rainbow of Love Informal School for Refugees (Sekolah Pelangi Kasih) is a learning centre officially registered with the UNHCR in 2016. Refugee children are legally barred from the Malaysian public schooling system. Rainbow of Love was created to help address a child's right to an education and we hope to continue doing that for children from all walks of life for years to come. It's a journey that we all share on many different colored paths, one that we hope begins and ends with love.



We Could Use A Hand

As many hands as we can get our hands on!

By supporting what we do contributions channeled into our organisation help sustain schooling opportunities for refugee children. Every RM100 goes towards supporting a child in school for a month at our centre.

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